Genuine Maintenance Parts

A Hard Working Engine Deserves the Best

Detroit Diesel Genuine PartsOur Genuine Detroit Diesel Maintenance Products deliver consistent, reliable performance at the best overall value. Your hard-working Detroit Diesel engine deserves nothing less.

Featured Detroit Diesel Maintenance Products

Detroit Diesel Genuine Oil and Fuel Filters

All Genuine Detroit Diesel filters are designed in collaboration with Detroit Diesel engineers to ensure optimal fluid flow and debris collection – resulting in exceptional durability and performance. Our filters have a double-lock seam to prevent leaks, they're easy to install and remove, and match Detroit Diesel engine requirements.

Detroit Diesel Genuine Motor Oil

Get the very best out of your Detroit Diesel or Mercedes Benz engine with proper lubrication. Our oils provide high thermal and oxidation stability, improve soot handling to extend drain intervals and reduce component wear during low-temperature starts.

Detroit Diesel Genuine Coolant

Detroit Diesel Genuine coolants are different – specifically formulated to not just meet, but to exceed the performance requirements of your Detroit Diesel or Mercedes Benz engine. Detroit Diesel Genuine Extended Life Diesel Engine Coolant is a patented, non-silicate, non-phosphate formula that eliminates inhibitor dropout and scale problems. Our coolants provide reliable protection in even the most extreme heat and freezing cold conditions.

Detroit Diesel Genuine Need-Release Filters

Need-Release® automatically releases supplemental coolant additive only when your engine needs it, and replaces 5 to 8 ordinary coolant filters. It knows to add more coolant by reading changes in coolant chemistry.