Marine Generators

Our diesel marine generators are efficient, compact and deliver smooth power on demand. We offer diesel generators to handle nearly any load requirement.

Now, the rules have changed - no more compromises. With a Florida Detroit Diesel-Allison "Mariner" or "Offshore" Marine Generator, all your power requirements are taken care of in one package. You get a quiet, compact, lightweight and powerful marine generator. Advanced designs combined with four different choices of engine manufactures (Kubota, Isuzu, John Deere and Yanmar) to set new standards in fuel efficiency and reduced emissions which meet the latest strict EPA guide lines:

  • Mariner (Heat Exchanger Cooled)
  • Mariner "I" Isuzu 12-21kW
  • Mariner "Y" Yanmar 5-45kW
  • Mariner "K" Kubota 3.3-38kW
  • Marine "MTU" MTU 240kW-1mW
  • Marine "JD" John Deere 35-270kW
  • "Offshore" (Keel Cooled)
  • Offshore "I" Isuzu 10-120kW

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