Series 60

Series 60More than 70,000 units of this model are in operation around the globe. There are good reasons for that success: low fuel consumption, rugged and compact design, ease of maintenance and longevity make the Series 60 one of the most economical engines in its class.

DDEC® – Detroit Diesel Electronic Controls are standard on all Series 60® engines. This electronic unit fuel injector and engine management control system is the most advanced system available in the industry. DDEC includes state-of-the-art diagnostics for critical engine funtions.

Overhead Camshaft – This design optimizes intake and exhaust air passages in the cylinder head for easier breathing, and minimizes valve train losses by eliminating the need for push rods.

Short Ports – The Cylinder head has very short intake and exhaust ports for efficient air flow, low pumping losses and reduced heat transfer.

Iron Crosshead Pistons – The top ring can be placed much closer to the top of the iron crosshead piston. This reduces the dead volume above the top ring and improves fuel economy.

Injector Rocker Arm with Ceramic Rollers – The cam follower roller in the Series 60 engine injector rocker arm is made of silicon nitride. The low wear properties of this ceramic makes it possible to operate at very high injection pressures while maintaining long life of the roller. High injection pressure is one way Detroit Diesel is able to meet the stringent particulate and smoke emission standards without aftertreatments.

Eight Head Bolts per Cylinder – The head bolts provide a uniform load on the gasket and liner to reduce stress on the liner flange and block counterbore.

High Efficiency Turbocharger – Combined with a pulse-recovery exhaust manifold, the high efficiency turbocharger provides an efficient transfer of energy for improved fuel economy.

Cruise Power – Cruise power allows you to take advantage of additional torque and better performance when operating your truck in cruise control. Full rated torque is available when operating in cruise control to improve performance. The higher torque improves driveability in hilly terrain because fewer shifts are required and the engine operates closer to its optimum efficiency.

Top Liner Cooling – The Series 60 engine features top liner cooling. This has been accomplished by machining a coolant channel high up on the block, so that the top of the liner is surrounded by coolant, resulting in longer ring life.

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