3000 Series
Allison Transmissions

Allison 3000 SeriesThe Allison 3000 Series™ brings the superior performance of electronic controls to the medium-duty commercial truck industry. At the speed of light, the engine and transmission communicate to adapt and provide precise, perfectly timed shifts whomever the driver, and the road or load condition. Trucks and drivers have never been so cost-productive.

Available in close or wide ratio the 3000 Series™ performs the precise shifts on and off the highway with no power interruption meaning faster route times with less driver effort for more productivity. Fully automatic shifting means the driver can pay full attention to steering- a critical advantage in difficult or tedious circumstances.

The transmission's electronics can be programmed to prevent the vehicle from being put in motion while auxiliary equipment is in use. And auxiliary equipment actuation can be prevented while the truck is moving. It all adds up to safer and more productive operations.