Detroit Diesel Engines

Strength and Efficiency on the Road or on the Job Site

Detroit Diesel DD16Detroit offers a big-bore workhorse with up to 600 horsepower and 2050 lb-ft of torque, delivering more efficient and dependable power and performance. Beyond performance, Detroit engineers have been able to meet GHG17 requirements while improving fuel economy.

Efficient Performance

The exclusive 2nd Generation Amplified Common Rail System (ACRS™) and simple turbocharger combine to deliver instant acceleration like no other engine and torque response other drivers will envy.

  • The right amount of fuel at the right time makes for an extremely quiet, smooth combustion and meets strict emissions requirements
  • Variable injection patterns give you fuel economy across a wide variety of engine operations
  • Turbo compounding helps you use less fuel without sacrificing power – making it the perfect solution for rising fuel prices. It recovers thermal energy from the exhaust stream, converting normally lost energy into useable power.

Save Fuel with Proven SCR Emissions Technology

Like all Detroit engines, the DD16 comes with SCR emissions technology and our exclusive 1-Box Configuration helping meet stringent emission standards at the tailpipe.

Expect Fast, Easy Service

Above-frame rail, cartridge-style filters and unmatched parts availability with expert service at 800-plus authorized service outlets means you can be in and out of the shop in no time. With big-bore durability and reliability and a 1 million mile B50 life, you’ll be doing the heaviest lifting on the job for years to come. If maintenance issues come up on the road, you can count on Detroit Virtual Technician™ remote to let you know how serious the fault code is, where the nearest part you need is located, and when you can get into the next available service bay, and then it can even schedule your repair appointment for you.

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