GM-Allison Hybrid
Allison Hybrid EP Systems

GM-Allison HybridRight now, the GM-Allison two-mode hybrid system is doing its part to help reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and improve air quality while providing real, bottom-line operating benefits to municipalities and fleet operators. This system has already saved over 16 million liters of fuel and has eliminated more than 40,000 tons of CO2.

Thousands of passengers are transported every day to and from their destinations in cities and towns by buses equipped with the GM-Allison two-mode hybrid system. It has proven to be one of the most dependable and efficient parallel hybrid systems at work anywhere in the world.

The GM-Allison two-mode hybrid system bridges the gap between traditional mechanical engine propulsion systems and zero-emission technologies. Buses equipped with this system realize significant improvement in fuel economy and greatly reduced emissions. They also have better acceleration than conventional diesel-powered buses, not to mention quieter operation.

It is our collective responsibility to make this earth a better place, and the GM-Allison two-mode hybrid system exemplifies our efforts to preserve and improve the quality of our environment. It’s simply the right thing to do – for today and for future generations.

Emissions Reduced

With the GM-Allison two-mode hybrid system, overall emissions are significantly reduced during operation compared to conventional combustion engines. Oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions are reduced up to 50%. The system also provides significant emission reduction when compared to alternative propulsion systems.

Regenerative Braking

When stopping or decelerating, vehicle energy is converted to electric energy and stored. In effect, the motor becomes a generator. 40% of the energy to accelerate the bus comes from the energy saved during regenerative braking.