Series 60
Detroit Diesel Engines

Series 60Detroit Diesel's Series 60 has been a success from the start of production in 1987.

The Series 60 was the first fully integrated heavy-duty diesel engine with electronic controls in the world. Since then, the Series 60 engine continues to set the standard with innovative technology and superior fuel economy in the competitive heavy-duty diesel engine market. 

There are several reasons for the success of the Series 60 engine. It was the first heavy-duty diesel engine designed exclusively with electronic engine controls. Detroit Diesel Electronic Controls, or DDEC, are now in their fifth generation. In addition to precise engine control and protection, DDEC offers a variety of driver training, fleet management, and vehicle enhancement features such as cruise control, vehicle speed limiting, and fuel economy reports. 

The Series 60 also features an overhead camshaft that provides a number of customer benefits. By eliminating pushrods and their associated space claim, the cylinder head design is optimized. Intake and exhaust ports are straight and short to minimize internal pumping loses. Head bolts are evenly spaced to provide uniform clamp load on the head gasket, greatly improving reliability. With no pushrods and their inherent strength limitations, the fuel injectors are actuated directly by the cam lobes, which allow for increased injection pressures, which improve fuel economy and performance while reducing emissions. 

Overall the Series 60 engine provides truckers with the best combination of fuel economy, performance, driver satisfaction, long life to overhaul, reliability, low cost of operation, ease of service, and residual value.

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